Throwback Thursday

#TBT, #tbt, @ThrowbackThursday.  All variations on people digging deep into their photo archives searching for an interesting photo from days gone by.  I’ve been quite impressed with the number of photos I’ve seen from people that were taken before the age of digital photos.  This takes some effort to get the photos digitized and shared online.

Here is a photo I used for #tbt last week.  A picture from 2 years ago of my son pulling his older sister’s hair.  I commented that I was glad he was done with hair pulling now, only to see him pulling his sisters hair again 3 days later.  He’s growing up, but not out of the hair pulling phase yet I guess!

Hair pulling!

Hair pulling!

The potential of finding these photos in these modern days of digital photos all around us is so much easier, yet something many of us rarely do.  Many social networking sites and apps focus on the photos that friends and fans have recently posted.  For photos you have digitized, how do you find them when yearning for a blast form the past?


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