Birth of Sepia

It seems to only make sense to have the first blog post be what I am putting in the About section for this blog to set the context for the blog. So here it is…

I started Sepia because I have thousands of photos I never look at! Oddly enough, all my friends have the same problem. Social sites for sharing photos (Facebook, Instagram, and others) heavily favor viewing photos that are recently posted. This means the vast majority of photos I look at are from the past week or so. Other tools for photos involve managing and editing them. While that can be fun, it often sounds like a chore to me and turns of off from my photos. This is exactly the opposite reaction I want to have with my photos. I want to love them again!

One of the things I miss most about photos is looking at ones from years past and having a raw emotional reaction and flood of memories from that time. This is a very different experience from viewing photos from the past week. Over time, how I react to a photo changes, and the moments in life that have had a big impact on me become crystal clear when I look at them. My goal for this blog is to cover all aspects of simply enjoying the photos of my life.


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