Timeline of you and a friend on Facebook

In my search to find different ways I could view my photos from years gone by, I stumbled upon a well hidden feature in Facebook, Friendship Pages.   As far as I can tell, the feature was quietly released over 3 years ago in a Facebook blog post.  A Friendship Page is a timeline view of you and one of your friends, containing all the interactions you’ve had together on Facebook.  For example, a photo you are both in, or one of you is in a photo the other posted in Facebook.  There is a convenient link on the left that will let you see a album like view of all the photos of you and your friend.  The feature goes beyond photos into posts and other interactions people can have on Facebook.

Apparently at one point users could get to this page by a link on the sidebar in a friend’s timeline.  Not super convenient, but discoverable for those glancing around.  Now, the feature is hidden away under a gear icon which brings up a menu, containing a link to the feature.  This pretty much guarantees next to no one will ever find the feature.

See Friendship

Notice what else is in this menu?  The long forgotten Poke!  When was the last time you saw a Poke used? Its been a long time for me.  This menu is one of many places where features go to die on Facebook.  It’s a shame.  The Friendship view is a nice way to look back in time at the the relationship you have with another person, in the virtual world at least.


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