#SepiaMail – Reconnect by sending memories by mail when you post to Facebook

Digital photos and the internet have completely transformed the way we take and share photos. It is incredibly easy to take photos and share them online with friends and family.  In this transition from analog (physical) to digital (virtual) photos, we’ve lost a couple of important aspects of taking and sharing photos.

Grandparents and Children

Perhaps the most important one is the people who aren’t on the internet or don’t use the service you use to share your photos. If grandma and grandpa love seeing photos of your kids, but you only share them on Facebook, and they don’t have a computer, they are completely left out.  Children also love photos, but most are not on Facebook. Sure it is easy to share photos on Facebook, but are you really getting the people to see your photos that you really want to see them? Even if the people you do want to see your photo(s) are on Facebook, there is no guarantee they will see if because of Facebook’s constantly shifting algorithm for what it decides you should see in your news feed.

Physical Photos

The other loss we have is the physical photos that used to adorn our wallets, house, car, desk, etc. Sure, Shutterfly, Costco, your local drug store, and countless other places let you print photos. But how often do we do that anymore? Time is scarce. Choosing a photo, uploading it to a printing site, and going through the entire purchasing process involves many many steps. The sheer number of choices you have to make just to send a simple print to someone is a bit overwhelming.  Maybe it is just nostalgia too.  There is something about holding a photo in your hand, or looking at it on the wall with natural light instead of from a lit electronic device screen.


Sepia Life is here to help you bring back what we’ve lost with digital photos with a new service called #SepiaMail. Using #SepiaMail, you can post a photo to Facebook to share with your friends, and also have it printed as a 4×6 postcard and sent to whoever you want, or as many people as you want. Grandma and grandpa no longer have to be left out of the photo of your daughter riding her bike for the first time, or taking her first steps. Even send yourself a postcard of a photo to put on your fridge, or your desk at work.   Children love photos, and they also love getting something in the mail.  It makes them feel like an adult!

How Does it Work?

When you sign up for Sepia, add #SepiaMail to the end of your photo caption, and a #name for each person you want to send a postcard of the photo to.

#SepiaMail Example


My grandmother, sister, and John will each get a 4×6 postcard of this photo with the caption on the back…

Postcard Back

#SepiaMail saves you time. You’ve already found a great photo, and you are in the process of sharing it on Facebook. Simply tagging people you would like to send a postcard of the photo to is a simple addition to something many of us do multiple times per day. There is no need to go through another photo selection process or open a different app. Just tell Sepia you want the photo as a postcard and who you want it sent to.

Join Sepia and try today. New users can send up to 5 postcards for free, no credit card required to do so. After that, each postcard is $2 if sent to a US address, $3 per postcard for international addresses.  Not sure who to send one to?  Send one to yourself by adding #SepiaMail #me to the end of the caption on the next photo you post to Facebook.


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