Reconnect with Friends for their Birthday with Personalized Sepia Life Birthday Cards

facebook_wish_happy_birthday The all too familiar message from Facebook, reminding us to wish our friend a happy birthday, and send them a gift as well.  That followed by a Facebook wall filled with ‘Happy Birthday Todd!”   Facebook has succeeded in training us humans to respond with what could be an automated response to wish our friend a happy birthday.

How meaningful are these happy birthday messages?  Personally, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.  The people who care about me show me in much more personal and meaningful ways than how dozens of other not-so-close friends do with their ‘Happy Birthday’ post on my wall.

Giving a friend a gift on their birthday is great, if it is something you want to do. I doubt that it requires birthday_card_emailFacebook prompting you to do that though before you go through with it for a friend you really care about.  Often we may not send a gift, but a birthday card is nice.   There are countless sites online for finding and sending birthday cards to friends.  Many are sincere, some are funny, make jokes about getting old, but just about all of them lack a visual personal touch.

Sepia Life just launched a new service for sending a friend a birthday card in the mail. The front of the card is a photo or collage of photos of you and your friend. Two weeks before your friend’s birthday, Sepia Life will send you an email with a collage of photos and a selection of photos of the times you and your friend spent together.  Choose the collage or one of the photos to send on the birthday card to your friend, with a personal message on the back.  Its personal, its easy, and it brings back memories of the good times you’ve had with your friend.  Cards are free while this service is in beta.  So learn more and sign up for Sepia Life now to give it a try the next time one of your friends has a birthday.


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