Never Forget The Last Time You Were Here

Just last week Facebook quietly rolled out a new feature showing photos of a person and their significant other on their anniversary.   It is great to see Facebook finally start to leverage the vast amounts of data about people to help them enjoy their photos more.  Around the same time I started seeing a new experience on my iPhone after posting a photo.  First it was public photos at the same location I just posted a photo at.  Then yesterday I posted a photo while out to dinner and I was shown a photo from the last time all the people I was at dinner with (which I tagged in my photo post) were tagged in a post.  I was also shown the last time I checked in at the restaurant and who I was with.

Previous posts with people or location


This is a great way to help you spend a small amount of time to remember the past.  Facebook is barely even scratching the surface of what could be done to combine all they know about you and your friends to surface interesting set of photos at times you are likely to enjoy seeing them.  Another example of what cuold be done is your friend’s birthday. Instead of an advertisement to send them a gift, I would much prefer to see photos of me and my friend.  Sepia is a great service for that.  I get a collage of photos of me and my friend on their birthday that I can then share with them if I want.

Collage generated by Sepia for a friend's birthday

Collage generated by Sepia for a friend’s birthday